Paytek run programmes for a number of leading service providers in the Payment processing market as well as Card Payment equipment suppliers and resellers and have established relationships with some of the largest ISO's in the UK.  Paytek also handle the administration and collection of receivables from merchants under customer service agreements on behalf of Funders who fund against the security of the underlying Customer Agreements.

Therefore, not only does the ISO receive the required support and service for their customer financing, but also Funders into the programme can be confident that their portfolio of receivables is being professionally managed and administered.


Paytek work with a small number of funders who understand the Payment processing market and invite enquiries from potential new funders who are interested in this market. Paytek provide an end to end solution that works.



The Paytek solution includes :

-  Accelerated Receivable income ( Funding )

-  Auto approval of smaller agreements

-  Electronic pay-outs

-  Portfolio reporting

-  Audit trail



By using Paytek’s services, it is surprising how little it will cost to set up and run a highly professional customer financing programme.  All costs are levied on a ‘per case’ basis and therefore relate directly to the success of the programme.


Flexibility is key to Paytek’s ISO programme, with everything designed to simplify the sales process, including real-time on line proposal management and document production. Value added services such as maintenance, insurance, support charges, SIM card and consumables can all be incorporated to provide merchant customers with the convenience of ‘one invoice’ for all their needs.